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April 9th, 2015:

Science Night at John Rogers Elementary, Seattle

A lovely lady that we'd met at the Sally Ride Science Festival invited us to John Rogers and it was such a great experience! We brought our trademark mini-bots, a big fishtank, and loads of information so parents & kids could look at continuing robotics past the night. (Surprise bonus: we got to meet an oceanography intern from UW who had sailed on the Thompson.)
November 20th, 2014:

Converge@Seattle: Women in Innovation

Our time at Converge was such powerful, invigorating day. During the Women in Innovation panel, alongside Pacific Science Center VP Ann McMahon & former Ford executive Jennifer Gilhool, Hannah gave a speech on STEM education and its clash with societal gender roles. Hannah, Haley, and Annika then all took part in an audience Q&A.
February 7th, 2015:

Sound Waters Conference

The Sound Waters conference is a long-time esteemed institution in our island community. We were especially honored this winter to be presenters in the same year that John Delaney was the keynote speaker; Atlantis had visited the OOI in 2012 to learn more about the undersea node installation, and the speech was wonderfully detailed. It was wonderful to hear from our participants that the discussion-driven class had been so inspiring.
December 6th, 2014:

Hour of Code

Partnering with our local MakerSpace, we held South Whidbey's first ever Hour of Code event. We had multiple locations & sessions, and despite the Hour of Code website actually crashing under the load of so many aspiring coders, it was a smashing success - one we hope to make an annual event.
October 30th, 2014:

Microsoft Headquarters

Hannah, Haley, and Annika all gave speeches at Microsoft's Redmond, WA headquarters for the Surface department to share their experiences, highlight current gender bias issues in STEM, and discuss the pipeline of STEM students into companies such as Microsoft.

October 4th, 2014:

Sally Ride Science Festival

Atlantis ROV Team was one of the youngest organizations invited not only to exhibit, but also present workshops at the Sally Ride Science Festival, hosted this year at the UW Bothell campus. We got to talk to hundreds of female students, educate about underwater robotics, and inspire other girls to get involved with STEM.

August 28th, 2014:

Istanbul Gateway International School

We had such a blast talking to this high school youth group in Istanbul, and had brought microROVs all the way from the US (three weeks earlier!) for everyone to fly. They asked some great questions about how to get started, perseverance, and where this field could take you, and many were interested in building their own ROV after that night.
August 14th, 2014:

Constanza, Romania

Navy Day is a huge holiday in Romania, complete with a presidential appearance, a marching band, and helicopters. We set up a tent and pool along the main beach boardwalk, pulled out our two microROVs, and got to spend the afternoon helping all the kids at the competition learn how to work the controls.
August 25th, 2015:

Salish Sea Expeditions Day Camp

We got to head out into the sunshine with a few dozen elementary to middle schoolers and drive our microROVs at the beach and drive an OpenROV off the pier as well. It was a great day of amazingly adept first time pilots, long scientific discussions, and a nice warm breeze.
August 8th, 2015:

First Annual Duct Tape Challenge

We had over fifty participants building everything from backpacks to suits of armor! They had two hours to finish their creation (with a little help from old boxes and paper bags), and then we had an awards ceremony with six different categories.
August 6-9th, 2015:

Island Area Fair

Our interactive outreach exhibit was back and better then ever, boasting two microROVs, a VEX bot, two FIRST robots, an outdoor ROV driving tank, and our first ever quadcopter flying cage!
June 16-18th, 2015:

University of Oregon

Annika, Haley, and Kari customized and modified a ride-on toy car for a child with Down Syndrome, in partnership with the GoBabyGo initiative to improve mobility for young special needs children.
June 13th, 2014:

Port of Tacoma

We were invited out with the Sea Scouts onto the 90-foot tallship (sailboat) the Odyssey, and got to spend the day with a high school marine biology class from Seattle. We ran everyone through the basics - what is an ROV, what can it do - and then they were able to drive that year's competition ROV in the Puget Sound.
July 31st-August 3rd, 2014:

Island Area Fair

This year, hundreds of kids got to drive on-land VEX robots, earn their pilot's licenses driving microROVs and then qualifying to drive one of two competition bots outside in our 3 foot pool. We were also in the parade!
June 10th, 2013:

Seattle Science Festival

We were the youngest ever hosts of signature events at the Seattle Science Festival, and hosted two workshops on building your own ROV and piloting ROVs. We had families drive up from as far away as Bellingham and Olympia to make the 9 a.m. start time! Huge thanks to the Marine Technology Society and the Island Athletic Club for helping so much with this event.
August 9-12th, 2012:

Island Area Fair

Our first ever fair exhibit! We set up a four day interactive section of the Arts & Crafts building, bringing underwater robotics to the fair for the first time. We had informational displays, posters, FAQ, a display ROV, and two miniROVs for the public to drive.